5 Tech Stories That Shook Powersports Finance in 2017

Technology continues to be a driving factor for direct and indirect loans in powersports finance. Several lenders have dedicated investment dollars this year on advancing technology and innovating both inside and outside the business.

ThunderRoad Financial, for example, launched a “major upgrade” to its loan origination system earlier in May, in an effort to grow its dealer base. Additionally, MotoLease LLC bolstered its technology initiatives this year with a new dealer inventory website. The site allows authorized dealers to list inventory, and consumers can view the pricing, estimate monthly payments, and pre-qualify for loans.

Lenders of all shapes and sizes also continued to chase the millennial market throughout 2017 — a trend that should only increase next year as the baby boomers continue to age out, and the tech-savvy generation enters the workforce.

Join us as we being our countdown to the New Year, revisiting the top 5 tech stories featured on this year:

  1. 10 Lenders Pushing the Tech Envelope in 2017
  2. Wells Fargo CDF Sets Sight on Increasing Tech Investments, Dealer Support
  3. Fintech Disruptors Are Coming to Powersports, United Finance Exec Says
  4. TwinStar CU Expands Recreational Lending With Fintech Partner
  5. MotoLease Revs Up New Inventory Website, Dealer Portal

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