ACA Updates Dealer Portal ‘Tailor-Fit’ for Powersports


Andrew Hewitt, director of motorcycles at American Credit Acceptance, spoke on a panel entitled “Identifying New Products and Opportunities” at the second annual PowerSports Finance 2016 on Oct. 5 in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS — American Credit Acceptance has updated its dealer portal to be “more tailor-fit for motorcycle dealers,” following an expansion into the powersports sector, Andrew Hewitt, the subprime lender’s director of motorcycles, told attendees at PowerSports Finance 2016 last week.

The updated portal — slated to go live in early 2017 — will be “very advantageous for motorcycle dealers,” because it will provide all the tools and technology for dealers to manage titles and “everything from applications to portfolio management,” Hewitt said.

The portal will keep dealers “up to speed,” and “in the know” on what’s going on with their customer base, he added. ACA will also leverage its experience with subprime auto to keep things running smoothly in powersports, Hewitt added.

The subprime sector may be set to experience some “ups and downs,” he said, but those economic factors don’t really come into play for subprime consumers on a daily basis, because they are used to a more limited access to credit.

However, ACA sees opportunity in the motorcycle industry for subprime, “and I think there are going to be more lenders coming into the space, pouring more and more money into it,” Hewitt said. “I know we have invested, and there is still a long road to go. I think people are going to be here for a while.”

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