All Roads Capital Looks to Offer Refinance Options in 2017

canstockphoto21931088-1024x1024All Roads Capital, an indirect powersports finance broker that pairs up dealers and lenders, might soon offer refinancing options following the “revamp” of its website in February, said Financial Manager Matt Pavone.

The company is currently in the process of upgrading its website to create a more user-friendly atmosphere, Pavone told Powersports Finance. Following the launch of the upgraded site next year, All Roads Capital hopes to begin offering refinance options through its banks and lenders.

“We are revamping that website by February because a lot of that is ‘old school’ stuff on there,” he said. “I do have one lender that does refinancing with RVs, but I didn’t want to open that floodgate yet.”

Refinancing options were offered in the past, but the company ceased refinancing after the business went dormant post-recession in 2008, Pavone said.

The company first opened operations in 1988, he said, and the business was picked back up again in June 2015. “A lot of the job is paid on reserve or commission, so when brokers weren’t making ends meet, they had to find other jobs, and that’s why it sat dormant for a while,” he said.

Additionally, the company hopes to expand into more states as it builds its network back up, he added. The company operated in solely Ohio when it re-opened in June 2015, and in June of this year, it expanded into seven states.

Currently, the North Jackson, Ohio-based All Roads Capital works with 20 dealerships and 12 lenders.

“I would like to keep growing with dealerships throughout the U.S., like it once was,” he said. Pre-recession, All Roads Capital was working with 1,800 dealers in more than 35 states. “We are also in talks with a few southern lenders right now to see if we can pick up their states to get on board,” Pavone added.

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