American Cycle Finance to Start E-Contracting Mid-Month

FORT WORTH, Texas — Subprime lender American Cycle Finance is rolling out e-contracting to its dealerships on Nov. 15, Managing Director Ben Donnarumma said during a panel discussion at PowerSports Finance 2018 on Tuesday.

“We have e-contracting coming out,” he said. “But we’ll still have that personal service [with the dealer].”

Aside from the push into e-contracting, American Cycle has “backed off” from technology as a moves to keep the lender-dealer relationship personal.

“We have taken technology and actually backed off just a hair to have more [personal] dealer relations,” he said. “All of our dealers have our cell phone numbers and call us at 11:00 p.m. if they like to.”

Those calls are often used to hash through underwriting issues. “If they have a problem, we can make some adjustments,” Donnarumma said. “Our system is automated, but the dealer can call us and we can change some calls and we can play around with things.”

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