American LandMaster Mulls Expansion of Dealer Financing Options

UTV manufacturer American LandMaster is open to working with additional lenders, following a leadership change, Trent Marsh, the OEM’s marketing analyst, told Powersports Finance.

LandMaster replaced most of its executive team in late 2016 and has been implementing a dealer-focused business model; previously, the manufacturer targeted big-box retailers.

“When we look at the decision-making process, whether it’s on product or program, or just how we go to market, we really do want to be the easy button for the dealer,” Marsh said. “The fewer [finance] options they’ve got, the harder we are to do business with, and that’s not making anyone’s life easier.”

Though LandMaster is willing to explore new lending partners, the manufacturer is not in any conversations at the moment. “That being said, business climates change all the time, so anytime that we can find a better deal for ourselves or our dealers or consumers, then we’re certainly going to take a good look at that and see if it fits in with our plan,” he added.

The company’s floorplan provider is Wells Fargo CDF, and its retail loan partners are Sheffield Financial and Dealer Direct. Columbia City, Ind.- based American LandMaster works with 200 dealerships.

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