American LandMaster Reconsiders Leasing Program After Leadership Shakeup

UTV manufacturer American LandMaster is evaluating the introduction of a lease or rental offering but has yet to determine how the program would work. The manufacturer shelved discussion of a lease program in late 2016 amid companywide leadership changes.

“When you have as much change as we’ve had in the last 18 months, some of those things kind of get moved to the side so that you can take care of some of those bigger issues that are ahead of you,” Trent Marsh, marketing analyst for American LandMaster, told Powersports Finance.

The Columbia City, Ind.- based OEM has been shifting its attention to standalone dealerships from “big-box” dealer groups, but is still discussing a lease program and determining the best implementation strategy.

“Is it something from a fleet perspective, where there’s definitely a need for the machines where [the customer is] going to want to turn them over every couple of years?” Marsh said. “How are we going to devise a program that makes consumers’ lives easier?”

Sheffield Financial and Dealer Direct provide retail financing for the OEM’s network of 200 dealerships.

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