American LandMaster Seeing Customer Interest in Electric UTVs

American LandMaster is seeing a growing interest from consumers in electric powersports vehicles, but the OEM doesn’t finance them differently from gas-powered models, Trent Marsh, marketing analyst for American LandMaster, told Powersports Finance.

“It’s been kind of an ebb and flow,” Marsh said. “Right now we’re getting a lot of interest in them. They pretty much go through the channel the same as everything else does. There are no special considerations from our side as far as it relates to the financing.”

Electric vehicles are growing in prominence on the automotive side, but there are still a few developments that need to happen before it can reach the same level in powersports.

“It’s going to be tough to get some of the high-performance powersports side on electric, at least in a cost-effective way,” Marsh said. “We’re just now getting to the point where passenger vehicles are able to use electric technology the way that you’d like to.”

Until more technological advancements “trickle down” to the powersports side, the primary use of electric utility vehicles will be more in an industrial setting for those concerned about noise or emissions, Marsh added. Electric utility vehicles can also be used leisurely by consumers who prefer quiet transportation around their property.

“As that technology evolves, it’s just going to continue to open other doors for sure,” Marsh said.

Columbia City, Ind.- based American LandMaster is a UTV manufacturer and the OEM does offer an electric model, the Landstar 48V Electric, which has a design that allows for more customization and accessories.

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