Arctic Cat unveils 2021 midsize snowmobile line

Arctic Cat has revealed a brand-new line of 2021 mid-sized snowmobiles called the Blast, the company announced this week.

The Blast features three snowmobiles, each geared for a specific terrain: the Blast ZR 4000 for trails, the Blast M 4000 for mountains and a Blast LT 4000 for utility-cross-over uses. Each Blast features an all-new lightweight chassis and is powered by a high-tech, single-cylinder, 397cc two-stroke engine that is said to create 65 horsepower.

The differences in the snowmobiles vary. The Blast ZR 4000, which is available for $8,095, supports an adjustable ski stance for above-six-inch trail skis. It will come with a short, four-inch windshield and will be available in two color combinations – green and charcoal, or blue and white. The Blast LT 4000 ($8,495 MSRP or $8,095 Snowmageddon pricing) features the Xtra-Action Rear Suspension with 12.5 inches of travel encased in a 146-inch Cobra track with 1.6-inch lugs. The LT 4000 is priced at $8,495.

Finally, the Blast M 4000 includes a new 146-inch version of the Alpha Single-Beam Rear Suspension, wrapped by a Challenger track with 2-inch lugs. Pricing begins at $8,495.


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