ARGO Expects New ATV Line to Boost Volume for Lender Partners

ARGO launched a new ATV line at a dealer meeting last weekend, which it expects to bolster originations for its retail lender partners — Dealer Direct and TD Auto Finance, President Brad Darling told Powersports Finance.

The New Hamburg, Ontario-based manufacturer, unveiled its xtreme terrain vehicle (XTV) lineup for the 2018 model year during the “ARGO Expo” last Sunday, in addition to a new ATV product line — the ARGO Xplorer Series. And Darling foresees the addition of ATV line will help increase its retail lender partners’ originations. The ATV line will operate similarly to the XTV line, in terms of the business model and the retail financing side, he added.

In addition, the OEM is offering an incentive of 4.9% financing for 60 months, plus a three-year warranty. The promotion will run through Sept. 30. However, this is not the first time the company has offered financing incentives. In the spring, ARGO launched 0% financing for 60 months through Dealer Direct, plus a three-year limited warranty, and $2,000 in free accessories for the 2017 Avenger 8×8 LX model.

“The changes in the promotions are seasonal,” Darling said. “We want to be competitive, and we think the fall promotion is an appealing choice for customers.”

ARGO sells six- and eight-wheeled amphibious Das XTVs worldwide and has offices in Canada and the United States, according to Darling. While its factories are located in Canada, ARGO operates its office in Delaware. “Our main businesses and marketshare are in the USA,” Darling said.

ARGO does not intend to partner with more banks or financial institutions — at least for now, Darling said. “We already have three very strong partners — Northpoint Commercial Finance [for wholesale financing], Dealer Direct, and TD Auto Finance — that are able to handle the North American market adequately,” he said.

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