Average consumer FICO reaches all-time high

The national average FICO score for U.S. consumers reached an all-time high last year at 703, inching up two points from 2018, according to Experian’s 2019 Consumer Credit Review. The average national FICO has increased 14 points since 2010.

Additionally, 59% of Americans had a credit score of 700 or higher, the largest percentage ever recorded by the credit reporting agency. Consumers have also indicated that they are increasingly invested in their credit score, with 72% reporting that their score is either “important or very important” to them, the report said.

Millennials aged 24 to 39 are “the driving force behind the record FICO score increases,” with an average score of 668. Millennials’ average score has increased 25 points since Experian first began tracking the data in 2012.

Further, the average age at which consumers reach a minimum FICO of 700 is the lowest it’s ever been, at 54 years. By comparison, in 2012 the average age at which Americans reached a 700 score was 62.

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