Better Condition Model Dirt Bikes Drive Increase in Auction Sales Price

The seasonal sales price in April for the motocross (MX) segment grew 10.4% year over year, spurred by better condition bikes, according to data that National Powersport Auctions provided to Powersports Finanåce.

The sales growth was the “biggest swing” among all the vehicle segments, Tony Altieri, business development manager at NPA, said in the report. ATVs followed MX in sales price, climbing 5.5% compared with the same time last year.

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The dual sport segment also saw significant change year over year, but in a downward trend. The sales price for that segment was down by 7.8%.

The sales price change for both dual sport and MX were attributed to shifts in overall model age and condition, Altieri said. Younger, good condition dirt bikes drove growth for MX, while older dual sport bikes spurred prices down for that segment.

The other vehicle segments did not see a significant shift in the sales price and followed historical trends. Domestic cruisers, metric cruisers, sport bikes and side-by-sides all saw less than a 2% change year over year.

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