BMW Sees U.S. Market Sales Decline in 3Q

BMW Motorrad saw the US market contract by 5.7% according to its 3Q earnings yesterday.

However, worldwide, BMW Motorrad delivered 39,429 motorcycles globally to its customers during the quarter, a YoY increase of 11.7%. The total for the first nine months increased by 10.1% to 127,818 units. However, the downward trend seen in the U.S. over the last few months continued and the market contracted by 5.7 %, the report said.

“The positive trend in the Motorcycles segment observed during the year to date is expected to continue throughout 2017,” the report said, adding “overall, deliveries of BMW motorcycles to customers are forecast to increase significantly year-on-year.” At year-end in 2016, there were 145,032 units delivered globally.

Motorcycles segment revenues increased significantly compared to the first three quarters of 2016, mainly reflecting year-on-year sales volume growth. Third-quarter and nine-month revenues amounted to a 14% increase to $595 million, and an 11% increase to $2.1 billion, respectively.

“Higher sales of optional equipment, spare parts and accessories as well as improved pricing also contributed to the strong revenue performance.” the report said.

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