BMW Showcases Self-Riding Motorcycle at CES 2019 [VIDEO]

BMW Motorrad brought its self-riding motorcycle to the 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where the vehicle took itself for a ride around a parking lot.

The prototype — an R2100 motorcycle — is capable of starting the engine, setting off, handling turns, braking, and even throwing up the kickstand.

BMW is not currently considering bringing the self-riding bike to production for public consumption. The bike is a means to test advanced rider-assistance technology that the OEM has been developing for three years, according to CNET.

The technology would not ride the bike for the rider, but it could teach novices the fundamentals and provide them with more confidence. Additionally, the tech could detect a hazard before the rider does and display a warning visually or intervene directly to avoid the situation.

You can check out BMW’s self-riding motorcycle in action in the video below.

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