Canadian man jailed for powersports loan fraud

Mehdi Abdulahi-Sabet has been sentenced to eight months in prison in connection with $700,000 worth of fraudulent powersports vehicle purchases in the Metro Vancouver area, according to documents filed to the Courts of British Columbia. He was ordered to pay $35,067 to three banks, including Scotiabank in Port Coquitlam, and to a North Vancouver Nissan dealership, over seven years.

In cooperation with a man named Reza Moeinian, Abdulahi-Sabet visited nine British Columbia dealerships  over ten days in June 2016. At each dealership, Abdulahi-Sabet applied for vehicle financing using false information and documentation, such as false employment verification and paystubs.

The vehicles that Abdulahi-Sabet purchased include a Ducati, a Harley-Davidson, a travel trailer, a Sea-Doo, and a boat. Abdulahi-Sabet also purchased several cars, such as a Jaguar convertible and a Jeep. The total value of the vehicles was $715,757.

Witnesses observed that Moeinian appeared to be directing Abdulahi-Sabet on how to complete the financing applications or that Moeinian did the majority of the talking during negotiations, according to court documents.

Moeinian was arrested Sept. 18, 2018, and was sentenced to two years’ incarceration, in addition to restitution of $35,608.

Abdulahi-Sabet, a chemical engineer, fled to Canada from Iran in 2005 with his wife after he was arrested, jailed and tortured by the government for being an outspoken critic, according to court documents. Abdulahi-Sabet worked in marine construction but was eventually deemed unable to work and received disability. He met Moeinian through his work in construction, and it was Moeinian who approached Abdulahi-Sabet about the fraud scheme, according to the documents.

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