CDF Boosts Investment in Field Reps

canstockphoto31566921Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance is allocating more of its resources towards getting representatives into the field to meet with its dealer and OEM partners, said Jeremy Jansen, CDF’s president of the motorsports group.

CDF has added “a handful” of new commercial and sales representatives to deliver on its primary initiative — provide a seamless transition for its partners, following its acquisition by Wells Fargo & Co., he told Powersports Finance. “This ensures we’re able to meet with our dealers on a regular basis to make sure we are fulfilling their financial needs,” Jansen added. “We are realigning and making incremental investments to deliver on that initiative.”

“Prior to this year, for motorsports, we didn’t have a dedicated commercial team speaking with our dealers on a regular basis, and at the beginning of this year we aligned resources to ensure we have commercial representatives for our motorsports business covering — calling and meeting — our dealers,” Jansen added.

The floorplan financier’s team members transitioned with the motorsports group as the company moved from GE Capital to Wells Fargo, Jansen said. “We have long-standing, personal relationships with OEMs and dealers — some of which go back 40 years,” he said. “Our success starts with our people, and we have retained our full motorsports team through this transition.”

“There will be certain elements of simplicity now that we are a part of Wells Fargo, once we are able to leverage infrastructure, but those won’t be apparent until next year,” he added.

The biggest focus for CDF is “making sure we continue to service OEMs and dealers the way they are accustomed to being serviced,” Jansen said. “This opens up tremendous opportunity for our team members — first and foremost making sure our OEMs and dealers are confident we haven’t missed a beat. The transition to our OEMs and our dealers should be seamless, and — from what I can tell, from voice of feedback — we’ve done a good job of that.”

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