Concierge Financial to Launch Military Program With Credit Union Partner

Concierge Financial Services, a refinance loan broker, plans to partner with a credit union to develop a special finance program for veterans and active or retired military, Chief Executive and Founder Thomas Domin told Powersports Finance.

“We have a conference call with a credit union that deals with all military — active, non-active, or retired — throughout the country,” Domin said. “We are going to try to put together a program for not just auto, but motorcycles as well.”

Domin, a veteran himself, is a “big supporter” of such programs, he said. Domin declined to offer the credit union’s name, but two of the largest U.S. military credit unions are Pentagon Federal Credit Union and Navy Federal Credit Union.

There is an additional company Concierge will bring into the deal, he said. The other company has “a very large web presence for veterans in the purchase of motor vehicles — that’s all they do, and they are set up with different dealers across the country.”

When a veteran visits that company’s website to purchase a motorcycle, that website directs them to a Harley-Davidson dealership it is partnered with, Domin explained. “The only thing is, they don’t offer financing, so we will try to tie everything together.”

By partnering with one of the largest military credit unions, Concierge will allow those veterans and military members to be pre-qualified for a motorcycle loan before they walk into the dealership, he said.

The partnership and military program are expected to kick off by yearend, Domin said.

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