Countdown to 2017: Top 5 Tech Stories of 2016

canstockphoto9505159Many powersports lenders increased investments in digital capabilities in 2016 to boost loan and lease volumes, amid what many industry experts considered a flat growth year.

MotoLease LLC, for example, launched a consumer mobile app with self-service functionality. Additionally, National Powersport Auctions partnered with CyclePro, a software platform dedicated to the powersports industry, in an effort to expand the use of new technology in the industry.

Lenders of all shapes and sizes also continued to chase the millennial market throughout 2016 — a trend that should only increase next year as the baby boomers continue to age out, and the tech-savvy generation enters the workforce.

Join us as we being our countdown to the New Year, revisiting the top 5 tech stories featured on this year:

  1. Fintech Provider Brings Marketplace Lending to Powersports
  2. Startup Lender Invests $1 Million in Tech
  3. Tech is Trending in Powersports, Experts Say
  4. Lenders Have an ‘Increased Appetite to Invest’ in Tech
  5. NPA Aims to Increase Tech in Powersports With CyclePro Partnership

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