Cruiser, off-road auction values to stay strong

Domestic and metric cruiser, side-by-sides and ATV auction values are likely to remain strong throughout 2020, Jim Woodruff, chief operating officer at National Powersport Auctions, told Powersports Finance.

Generally, domestic and metric cruisers followed normal seasonality trends in 2019. Metric cruisers performed “a little better” during the fourth quarter of 2019 compared with prior-year periods, while domestic cruiser values were softer compared with previous years. However, Woodruff said the differences were “very slight” and “at least for the first half of the year, both categories are going to do very well.”

Cruisers are the highest volume segment, both in retail sales and wholesale auction. While side-by-sides are a “big segment” for retail sales, there isn’t a large pre-owned inventory as it’s a “fairly new” category, Woodruff added. Despite the lower pre-owned inventory, retail demand is helping prices remain stable.

“Retail demand for that product was high and it’s hard to get pre-owned side-by-sides and pre-owned ATVs,” Woodruff explained. “I think that just the demand at retail is helping to maintain solid pricing at auction. The demand is going to remain strong and pricing is not going to be impacted as our volumes at auction grow in those categories.”

Pricing for ATVs and side-by-sides will likely remain stable and on par with their 2019 performance, with volumes growing at a steady pace, Woodruff noted.

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