Cruiser prices hit 2-year high, NADAguides says

Cruisers are selling at their highest values since 2017, according to a NADAguides report provided to Powersports Finance. 

Cruisers brought in “4.5% more money in the first half of 2019 compared to the same period of 2018,” the report notes, which “suggests that the segment still has legs despite demographic trends.” Values are up to $8,826 in May-June from $8,137 year-over-year. Though prices dipped slightly in the previous monthly period, 2019 values are still higher overall than they were in 2018 and 2017. 

Sports bike values are also on the rise, bringing in 3.9% more money than last year. However, the segment “saw a less notable second-quarter bump than usual, which leaves it behind 2017 by 1.5%,” the report added. Even so, values are up to $8,710 in May-June from $8,584 year-over-year. 

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Meanwhile, utility sidebysides are “running 3.3% behind 2018,” according to the report. Segment values averaged $8,954 in May-June, from $9,323 in 2018.   

Sport sidebysides started the year “strong” but saw only a “moderate bump in the second quarter” — which meant values were flat year over year, the report noted. The segment was down to $11,378 in May-June from $11,750 in the prior-year period. 

Looking forward, consumer spending is on a hot streak, which should support values in the powersports market through the rest of the prime selling season,” the report said. 

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