Cruisers Show Stability as Auction Prices Remains Flat

February auction prices were flat for both domestic and metric cruisers month over month, an indicator that those categories are stable, Tony Altieri, business development manager at National Powersport Auctions, told Powersports Finance.

The average auction price for metric cruisers rose 2% in February, according to an NPA report provided to PSF. While prices for metric cruisers at auction have grown slower than prices for other vehicle segments, the absence of a significant decline or spike indicates a stable market.

“Metric cruisers, especially last year and the year prior, saw a resurgence in pricing,” Altieri explained. “Part of that is because less of the metric OEMs had cut back volumes, so preowned [models] became a very viable option. That, and the price point for a metric cruiser versus a Harley-Davidson or an Indian is typically a lot lower — in some instances, half. So, the fact that it’s flat is probably a good indicator. It means that there’s stability in the market.”

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Domestic cruiser prices were flat in February, signaling consistent demand for category.

“We have seen a slight bit of decline in terms of auction values over the last 18 months, but [domestic cruiser] still performs as the most predictable and most stable of all of the categories that we have,” Altieri said. “So, [the seasonal sales price] is in line with where market demand is. The fact that there wasn’t a further decline or there wasn’t a massive change towards the negative versus prior years is probably a good sign.”

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