Damon reveals $24K electric motorcycle

Damon Motorcycles unveiled its $24,995 flagship product, the Hypersport, at CES 2020 on Tuesday.

The Hypersport is an electric superbike outfitted with Damon’s CoPilot advanced warning system, which uses cameras, radar and other sensors to alert riders to threats. These sensors collect and tag traffic behavior, road conditions and rider intent data.

Utilizing 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Damon aggregates data in the cloud to improve overall system performance with over-the-air updates sent back to each Damon motorcycle. Updates are approved by each Hypersport owner before going live onboard.

The Hypersport also comes equipped with Shift, Damon’s patented rider ergonomics that lets riders electronically adjust the Hypersport’s riding position while in motion.

The bike, which was awarded “Best in Innovation” at CES 2020, offers more than 200hp and 200nm of torque delivered at zero rpm, a top speed of 200mph and a range of more than 200 highway miles per charge.

Preorders for the Hypersport are available online through Damon’s website. Check out the video below to see the Hypersport in action.

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