Dealer credits management system with increased pageviews, customer leads

A dealership management platform geared at powersports has doubled pageviews and boosted leads 30% at Edge Performance Sports in the past year, President Ryan Gentry told Powersports Finance 

The platform, called PowerSports Extreme Digital Marketing (PSX), is among the first dealership management platforms crafted specifically for powersports, according to Gentry, who has previously owned car dealerships.

Powered by artificial intelligence, PSX consolidates data and offers dealerships “a single dashboard view of all sales and marketing operations,” a company spokeswoman told PSF It offers inventory management, collects and organizes customer information, and helps with trade appraisals, among other things. 

The spokeswoman explained that the different parts of the platform use customer details “to ‘speak’ to each other in a way that helps make the customer experience easier to ‘convert’ for the dealership.” It offers “mobile-first design, instant and easy to complete web lead and vehicle inquiry forms, real-time website viewing, [and] click-through and behavioral data” that helps the dealership with targeted marketing methods.

The platform “streamlines” the purchasing process, which was previously “very redundant,” and has boosted sales for the dealership, Gentry said. One of the platform’s features includes digitally compressing customer paperwork so that information is filled out only once. That leaves customers with more time to look at vehicles and makes it easier for dealers to process applications, he added. 

To further encourage traffic and leads, PSX launched a new feature earlier this week called ReplicatorX, which matches pictures from an individual vehicle to vehicles of the same make and model. With ReplicatorX, even units still in crates have pictures on the dealer’s website that were taken at the store.  The tool also guides dealers on which photo angles to maximize consumer engagement.

Using photos of assembled units at the dealership makes it about 10 times more likely that a customer will click on a unit, according to studies conducted by Edge Performance Sports. Even units that are more expensive than comparable vehicles with stock photos will get higher pageviews. “When they see the inventory, the live photos make people click and stay,” Gentry explained.  

Unique visitors to Edge Performance Sports’ website have shot up to 17,500 this month more than double the monthly traffic the dealership was seeing when it first started using PSX last year, Gentry said. 

Though the platform isn’t geared toward lenders, it’s integrated with companies like 700Credit and Dealertrack. Dealers can access financiers through the platform. Gentry said that there are “just a couple of lenders” the dealership uses that aren’t on the platform – mainly lenders with direct partnerships to OEMs, like American Honda Finance and Sheffield Financial.  

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