Dealer demand propels off-road segment above auction price trends

The off-road vehicle segment outperformed seasonal sales price trends in May, reflecting increased demand from dealerships, according to data National Powersport Auctions provided Powersports Finance 

As spring comes to a close, we expect similar volume to continue into June with a slight decline in pricing,” Business Development Manager Tony Altieri said in the report.  

Each category in the off-road segment — motocross (MX), side-by-sides and ATVs grew in seasonal sales price year over year and outperformed the five-year price trend. 

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Specifically, MX segment prices in May increased 6.2 percentage points year over year to 103.7%. Throughout 2019, MX has seen price growth; lower volume in the segment typically spurs bigger swings in price. 

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Meanwhile, ATV seasonal sales price grew 3.3 percentage points to 108.5% year over year. The seasonal sales price was 5.8 percentage points higher than the five-year seasonal trend. 

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For the side-by-side category, average seasonal sales price climbed 4.5 percentage points year over year to 104.5%. Side-by-side sales price was 3.3 percentage points ahead of the five-year seasonality trend. 

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