Dealer Scouts Prime Leasing Provider Amid Rising Demand

Freedom EuroCycle Las Vegas is “actively” seeking a prime leasing provider that serves the West Coast to meet increasing demand for consumers with 650 or higher Fico scores, John Hollywood, the dealership’s finance and business development manager, told Powersports Finance.

The dealership is currently partnered with subprime leasing provider MotoLease, which has a “great program” but only offers leasing to consumers in the 640-and-below Fico range, he said.

“I just want an A-tier leasing company,” such as HorsePower Financial, Hollywood said.

While many financial institutions are attempting to offer more subprime financing options — including new entrants Speed Leasing and RTO Cycles — HorsePower targets the prime market, with lease options for pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Freedom EuroCycle “would sign up [HorsePower] in a heartbeat” if it operated on the West Coast and offered lease options for European metrics — such as Aprilia, BMW, and Triumph brands, Hollywood said.

One thought on “Dealer Scouts Prime Leasing Provider Amid Rising Demand

  1. leases are based upon the residual value and, unfortunately, there isnt any in those brands after the lease term!

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