Warrior Powersports See Sales Boost With Lead-Gen System

Warrior Powersports is seeing a 10% month-over-month sales increase that it attributes to a lead management platform it deployed at the end of last year.

Warrior, which operates a dealership in Dallas, was one of the first powersports companies to implement the Rollick system, which, through an affinity-partnership network, connects buyers with dealers. The affinity network includes insurance companies State Farm and Progressive, active members of the military and veterans, and employees at J.C. Penny, Starbucks, Walgreens, and other U.S. companies.

“They have the capability to reach so many people,” Tony Tarell, chief executive of Warrior, told PowerSports Finance. “I heavily support the military. So, I can tell Rollick, ‘Hey, dude, send out this deal. Any military guy that comes in with the coupon and buys the vehicle, give him a free set of gear to go with it.’ They are sending this deal out to hundreds of thousands of people.”

Rollick works with powersports dealerships and distributes through email notices on discounts on vehicles – with the markdown being locked in — and merchandise to its affinity network. Rollick also shares with its customer certain promotions that are working at other dealers.

Before installing the Rollick system, Warrior Power Sports was selling 50 to 55 units per month. The Rollick system is generating 15 to 20 leads each month, which the dealership is turning into four to six additional sales. In addition, about 80% of those consumers get financed, creating the opportunity for revenue generation on the backend, Tarell said.

While some dealers might be resistant to join Rollick because it offers buyers a locked-in price, Warrior Power Sports sees the benefit of set pricing.

“I want the transparency,” Tarell said. “If I don’t make any money on the deal, shame on me. Granted we might give bikes away on the front end, but I have a strong F&I guy, and I’ll make another $2,800 on the back end.”

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