Dirt Bike Prices Surpass Seasonal Auction Trends

The April seasonal sales price for the motocross (MX) segment grew year over year, outperforming the segment’s five-year price trend, according to data National Powersport Auctions provided Powersports Finance.

In April, values reached as high as 114.9%, up 11 percentage points year over year. By comparison, the five-year trend value for motocross was 106.1%, up from 94.6% in January.

The MX segment is one of the lower volume segments, which increases the variability of the seasonal sales price from month to month. Additionally, the value growth could have been spurred, in part, by OEM captives financing more off-road bikes as an entry point for younger riders receiving their first motorcycle lesson, Tony Altieri, director of business development at NPA, previously told PSF.

via NPA

The other powersports segments followed historical five-year trends, with metric cruisers rising two percentage points to 109.5% year over.

“After a slow start, metric cruisers are now back in line with the five-year seasonal trend,” Altieri said in the report. “Domestic cruisers, sport bikes, and side-by-sides dipped slightly below their respective five-year trend lines in April, but still remain consistent with historical norms.”

via NPA

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