Dual sport bike prices drop 9% at auction

The average sales price at auction for dual sport bikes dropped during June 8.9%, according to data National Powersport Auctions provided Powersports Finance.

Comparatively, the dual sports segment has a lower volume than other vehicle categories, so it tends to see more variability in pricing on a year-over-year basis.

Dual sport bikes experienced the biggest swing in sales price compared with the other segments in June. Year over year, the sales price for domestic and metric cruisers was down 1.1%.

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The June sales price for ATVs declined 2.9% compared with the same time the year prior. Side-by-side prices decreased 1.5% year over year.

Motocross (MX) and sport bikes were the only categories to experience growth in price in June. MX sales price was relatively flat, growing 0.2% year over year. Sport bikes, which are viewed as an entry point for younger riders, climbed 3.6% in price year over year.

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