EagleRider, Harley-Davidson Expand Rental Program to More Than 100 Dealers

More than 100 dealers are now a part of the rental program that was formed in partnership by EagleRider and Harley-Davidson Motor Co. less than a year ago, the two companies announced in a press release last week.

Last year, Harley-Davidson formed an alliance with EagleRider to develop a motorcycle rental program, a deal that was “in the works” for more than two decades, EagleRider Chief Executive Chris McIntyre told Powersports Finance in May 2017. 

EagleRider exclusively offers current model Harley-Davidson motorcycle fleets in the touring and large cruiser motorcycle segments. The rental program includes short- and long-term rentals. EagleRider and Harley-Davidson did not respond to a request for comment by press time, but an EagleRider spokeswoman previously told Powersports Finance that there is no “term limit” on an EagleRider rental.

EagleRider Chief Executive Chris McIntyre (Photo from EagleRider)

“We frequently handle rentals that exceed 30 days,” she said last May. “In fact, we have a self-guided tour on the road right now that is 68 days long. Somebody needing a bike for as long as one year is, in most cases, better off purchasing bike and then selling it at the end of the term. In this case, we would simply refer them to one of our dealer partners at Harley-Davidson or other dealers that we work with directly. If they were set on the convenience of a rental of that length we would, however, be more than happy to set them up as well.”

Harley-Davidson understands that “today’s economy is an ‘experience economy,’ and they understand that the more people that experience their products and the more that experience motorcycling, the more those can turn into sales,” McIntyre said last May. “Yes, they want more experiences on Harley-Davidson to convert to motor sales, and whether it is converted to a purchase, a lease someday, or converted through something else, they embrace EagleRider’s membership program.”

Eventually, EagleRider plans to add pick-up and drop-off points to 700 Harley dealerships. The companies announced that 35 new locations have already been opened and 70 more will begin taking bookings by May 2018. The participating dealerships are located nationwide and give consumers access to popular motorcycle routes like Route 66 and Pacific Coast Highway.

“Our alliance with EagleRider is an important component of our objective to build two million new riders in the U.S.,” Anoop Prakash, director of U.S. retail development at Harley-Davidson Motor, said in a press release. “The opening of each additional location brings increased access to the sport of motorcycling and to our exciting 2018 motorcycle lineup.”

EagleRider is a motorcycle rental company that specializes in the sale, tour, and rental of new and used Indian, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Triumph, and Honda motorcycles.

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