EagleRider Testing New ‘Grad Pass’ to Facilitate Bike Purchases

LAS VEGAS — Motorcycle rental, touring, and travel assistance company EagleRider is testing a program in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to help newly trained Harley-Davidson riders pick out a motorcycle for purchase, Chris McIntyre, chief executive and co-founder of EagleRider, told Powersports Finance at AIMExpo in Las Vegas.

EagleRider is offering the program, called Grad Pass, to Harley-Davidson Riding Academy graduates through Club EagleRider, it’s monthly membership program. Grad Pass targets consumers who have just recently learned to ride and gives them six days to sample different bike models. “[T]hey get to go out after they’ve learned how to ride through the Riding Academy and get to choose six different bikes that they can go out and try before they buy. The initial test has been fantastic,” he said.

“What we are finding initially is that a lot of people are using it because they are interested and want to see what riding is all about,” McIntyre said. “Maybe they want to try a touring bike, or maybe it’s a street bike. Maybe it’s a new electric bike. If you are a brand new rider, you might not just go out there and buy. You might not even be able to buy the new LiveWire, for example. But you can sure rent or use your [Club EagleRider] membership, and that’s what the Grad Pass is.”

The Grad Pass test program is being run out of  Bartel’s Harley-Davidson in Marina Del Ray, CA, and Las Vegas Harley-Davidson in Las Vegas, NV. EagleRider’s long-term goal is to take the program nationwide.

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