EFG Plans Video Chat Training Initiative for 2019

EFG Companies is planning to launch next year a video-chat training program to help dealers sell ancillary products.

The vendor, which offers debt protection, appearance protection, and other products to its 200 dealer customers, has been doing educational video chats on a limited scale for the past two months. The training events have received positive feedback from customers, which has inspired EFG to launch the program on a wider basis in 2019, EFG Vice President of PowerSports Glenice Wilder told Powersports Finance.

The program will be run by account reps, who will schedule the events and email invites to their accounts. The programs, done via GoTo meetings, will be offered at no charge. Each session will cover a specific topic, such as extended warranties. Dealers will be encouraged to invite other stores to participate in the session even if they don’t work with EFG. In addition to educating more stores on ancillary products, Wilder says, the program gives EFG additional exposure and an opportunity to sign on new dealers.

“It’s all about education in the powersports,” Wilder said. “Some of those dealers … can’t afford to take their F&I person [out of the store] because some F&I people are also the salesperson. So, from beginning to end, they are handling the deal…. By doing this live video chat, I think that we can reach more doors.”

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