European Scooter Subscription Service Makes U.S. Debut

Muving, a Spain-based scooter subscription service, made its U.S. debut after launching in Atlanta with 75 scooters, the company announced.

Active across 12 countries and operating 2,500 vehicles, Muving became available to consumers in Atlanta in June. The scooters can reach up to 30 mph, have a range of up to 45 miles before needing to be recharged, and come equipped with two helmets for the driver and passenger.

Once the consumer downloads the app, registers, and is approved as a rider, they are given access to Muving’s fleet of dockless electric scooters. The company offers a 30-minutes free ride to introduce new riders to the vehicles and service. Afterward, users are charged 35 cents per minute. For 15 cents per minutes, consumers can hold the vehicle in between uses.

Through GPS tracking, consumers are able to find a scooter near them and “activate it,” unlocking the trunk which houses two helmets. After the ride is complete, users release the e-scooter so that someone else may access it.  

Co-founded by Rafael and Ivan Contreras, the Muving Ecosystem has the goal of integrating people and devices into urban environments. The Muving Ecosystem integrates Torrot, a leading designer and manufacturer of interconnected electric devices; SKULLY Technologies, which designs and manufacturers augmented reality wearable gear; and Sensefields, who provides technology to help cities detect and process traffic data.

Muving is expected to expand into further U.S. markets. Muving is not the only scooter subscription service that is taking a city-by-city approach. Scoobi, a fellow e-scooter service, launched in Pittsburgh last month with 100 dockless vehicles, charging $5 for the first 20 minutes, and $0.20 per minute after.

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