Harley-Davidson Unveils All-New Sport Glide [VIDEO]

Harley-Davidson Inc. released its all-new Sport Glide, a redesigned Softail model that is fully adjustable, features modern technologies, new suspension, the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, and detachable locking saddlebags, according to the OEM’s website.

“The Sport Glide motorcycle rides on the completely redesigned Softail frame which makes for a lightweight, nimble ride that defies what people think of both Harley-Davidson custom and touring motorcycles,” according to the site.

The Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine “has enough power and torque to go almost anywhere quickly,” and its “Mantis” black and silver features give the motorcycle a “stealthy style.”

Modern technology features include LED forward-lighting system and a keyless ignition. The Sport Glide starts at $18,599.

Check out Harley-Davidson’s demo video below:

One thought on “Harley-Davidson Unveils All-New Sport Glide [VIDEO]

  1. I love the look and style of this bike. I think it’s definitely going to appeal to younger riders. However at $18,599 a lot of the younger riders are just not going to be able to afford it.

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