Honda top 2019 motorcycle brand for lead generation platform

Honda was the most popular motorcycle brand through Rollick’s lead generation platform for dealers in 2019, Rollick announced last week.  Honda garnered twice as many leads on Rollick’s platform as the next two leading brands, Kawasaki and Yamaha.

Through the GoRollick platform, members, customers and employees of Rollick’s affinity partners — such as Sam’s Club and Progressive —gain access to potential discounts on powersports purchases while shopping on a partner-branded affinity portal or through the website of a certified local dealer. These potential buyers are converted into sales leads for dealers on GoRollick’s platform.

According to data compiled by Rollick, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha were the top three motorcycle brands for new-vehicle sales volume based on leads generated by consumer interest last year. Honda was the front-runner through the year, but as the buying season progressed, lead share for Honda declined a few percentage points while both Yamaha and Kawasaki lead shares continued to increase.

It should be noted that GoRollick only supports lead generation for used Harley-Davidson bikes and not new Harley motorcycles.

In 2019, the five most popular new ATVs by lead volume were, in order, the: Polaris Sportsman, Honda FourTrax, Can-Am Outlander, Yamaha Kodiak and Yamaha Raptor. The Sportsman accounted for nearly 18% of all lead volume across the Rollick dealer network, with the FourTrax accounting for nearly 16% of lead volume, according to the release.

In the new side-by-side segment, Polaris was the most popular brand throughout the year, and Can-Am and Honda shared second place. Kawasaki and Yamaha models had the third-highest lead volumes, although Kawasaki had a gradual increase as the buying season progressed, according to Rollick.

Not only does understanding the lead share data provide insight into consumer interest, but it also provides an alternative look from other data metrics. “Lead share data is another way to analyze and predict performance in the marketplace,” Adam Lasker, vice president of partner marketing and analytics at Rollick, said in a press release. “It does not take the place of market share data, which is generally available after the sale transaction. Differences in lead share and market share may be attributed to factors such as new model releases, the number of dealers on the Rollick Network, OEM public and private incentives, and dealer inventory, lead management and pricing practices.”

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