How Much Harley’s $1.9 Million Bike Would Cost to Finance

Earlier this month, Harley Davidson unveiled its most expensive motorcycle ever, the Harley Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition. Valued at $1.9 million, the motorcycle was a collaboration between Harley, Swiss customizer Bundnerbike, and high-end watchmaker Bucherer.

Harley-Davidsons aren’t known for being inexpensive, and while the Bucherer is likely attracting a different type of clientele, it got Powersports Finance wondering: How much would the monthly payments cost for a standard loan of a million-dollar motorcycle?

With gold plating and encrusted diamonds, the Bucherer earns its $1.9 million price tag, and using NADAguides‘ motorcycle loan calculator, we were able to find the monthly payment for the bike for several different loan terms.

Going off of 7.50% sales tax in California — one of the most popular states for riding — at a standard 3.95% loan interest rate with zero down payment and trade-in value, it would cost consumers $60,257.32 a month for 36 months. The interest alone would exceed $126,000, with the sales tax coming in at more than $142,000.

A 48-month term with all the same variables would cost $46,072.03 per month to pay off the Bucherer. Again, the interest rate proves to be a challenging factor, totaling more than $168,000.

Conversely, the Softail Slim, which was used as the base for the Bucherer before its million-dollar makeover, sports a $15,899 price tag. Keeping all the same variables as before, it would cost $504.23 a month for a 36-month term or $385.53 for a 48-month term.

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