Improved Electric Motorcycle Performance Will Boost Sales, Analyst Says

The powersports industry has not fully embraced electric vehicles, but as manufacturers begin producing more “high-performance” models with higher speed and acceleration, the segment will grow in prominence, Gleb Mytko, global industry analyst and author of Freedonia Group’s Global Motorcycles Study, told Powersports Finance.

“[E-motorcycles] haven’t really gained much ground in the past and that’s largely due to technological limitations,” Mytko said. “The technology nowadays is there for it, and there’s an interest in demand.”

Several OEMs are making efforts to release electric bikes in the coming years. Harley-Davidson Inc. plans to launch its LiveWire electric motorcycle in 2019 with two more models following in 2022. BMW Motorrad announced that it would begin selling its European-exclusive C evolution electric scooter in the U.S., starting with California in 2018.

“The machines from BMW and the ones from Harley are really high-performance, so for somebody who before would have excluded the idea of purchasing an electric motorcycle, these are appealing options for them,” Mytko said. “They are much cheaper than the conventional model, but you’ve got the same kind of benefit. Especially from starting at such a low point, there’s a lot of potential, and probably over the next three to five years, more companies will offer these [electric models].”

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