Independent Dealer Warns of ‘Overwhelming’ Customers With Back-End Products

Independent Motorsports keeps a tight rein on back-end products to avoid overwhelming customers with extra purchases that might cause them to back out of the sale, Finance Manager Pam Temple told Powersports Finance.

Temple has been working in powersports dealerships for the past 20 years and noted that at one point she went a little “crazy” with offering back-end products like leather seat protection. Ultimately, she adjusted the strategy to ease consumers into more standard products, which resulted in more sales of GAP products and servicing packages.

“As far as the back-end sales, some [customers] are just totally against it, and it is difficult to get someone to buy it without overwhelming them with too much, which I’ve found over the years to be the problem,” Temple said. “I try to focus on the stuff that’s important because the [customer is] excited. They’re in here, and all they want to do is get out and ride, and once you start offering too much, they start to glaze on you.”

In addition to servicing packages and GAP warranties, Independent Motorsports also offers tire and wheel, and theft protection. The Columbus, Ohio-based dealership used to sell other products such as anti-scratch protection but doesn’t any longer. It comes down to the finance manager’s judgment and the specific customer on whether it’s worth adding more products.

Independent Motorsports is a motorcycle and off-road dealership that carries brands such as Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. The dealer works with American Credit Acceptance, Speed Leasing, Fuel Capital, and local credit unions.

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