Insurance Agency Doubles Business After Expanding Into Powersports in 2017

Sled Insure, a New York-based insurance company that specializes in snowmobiles, experienced a growth in business after launching Powersports Insure in 2017, Corbett Godwin, a licensed broker with the company, told Powersports Finance.

While Sled Insure already offered coverage on powersports vehicles, Godwin explained that customers weren’t completely aware of this. The rising demand for powersports insurance led to the launch of Powersports Insure.

“We started with Sled Insure and we are licensed all the way from Maine to Alaska,” Godwin said. “A lot of our customers had no idea that we did boats and motorcycles, so we launched and that’s the new brand we’re going to start building as big as Sled Insure.”

Powersports Insure is a separate website and is focused on the insurance of motorcycles, ATVs, and other recreational vehicles.

Sled Insure “doubled business” in 2017, which was one of the company’s biggest years, Godwin said, with 2018 starting stronger than the same time the prior year. As the company increases its size and potentially hires more employees, Godwin hopes to connect with more dealers in 2018.

The company also launched Watersports Insure in 2017, which provides coverage for boats and other marine vehicles.

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