Jim Woodruff Elected to Motorcycle Council’s Board

Jim Woodruff

Jim Woodruff, chief operating officer for National Powersport Auctions, was elected to serve on the 2016-17 Motorcycle Industry Council Board of Directors, the association announced in January. Woodruff brings 15 years of industry experience with NPA to his new role.

The board includes six appointed directors, representing the top OEMs by marketshare, and six elected directors, representing five aftermarket companies and one OEM.

Powersports Finance spoke with Woodruff about his priorities and plans as a board member. The following are edited excerpts.

AFN: What are your top two priorities in 2016?canstockphoto30228053

JW: First, as a new member I want to get in and learn how the organization operates and learn how they are used to do­ing things. Then, I want to explore some of the things I’ve seen over the years to help add value to its members and, in doing so, help the industry grow.

AFN: What do you expect to be your biggest challenge?

JW: We all would like the powersports industry to be grow­ing more quickly than it is. The biggest challenge will be to figure out what we can do to help that. The role of pre­owned vehicles and the role of financing and understand­ing those better, are some of the areas where we can help the industry grow.

AFN: What are your plans going forward on the board?

JW: I think that in many ways the MIC is the voice of the in­dustry in terms of educating dealers and other players about what is happening, what is trending, and what they need to look for. I think there are some opportunities to improve that, and I think I can help in those areas.

This story originally appeared in the February issue of Auto Finance News magazine.

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