Kawasaki Teases 2020 Vehicle Lineup [VIDEO]

Kawasaki Motors is rolling out announcements for its 2020 vehicles, including three off-road motorcycles and a video teasing a new side-by-side.

The KLX model bikes are designed to be lightweight and durable and will hit the market late this summer.

The 2020 KLX230 is geared for both on- and off-roading. The bike is weight-adjustable, and the frame is built to make it easier for riders to grip with their legs for better control and feedback. It also comes with a year-long warranty. The model is priced at $4,599.

The second bike in the line-up, the 2020 KLX230R, is a family-friendly off-roader with a six-month warranty. The bike boasts a six-speed transmission with short final gearing that allows for smoother navigation on tight trails. The vehicle also conforms to California’s new emissions standards for off-highway vehicles. The lime-green bike is coming out of the gate at $4,399.

Kawasaki’s final addition to next year’s lineup, the 2020 KLX300R, toes the line between a “play bike” and a “full race bike,” according to the press release. The lightweight off-roader includes several of the same features as the 230R, but it also includes a piston skirt to minimize contact with the cylinder wall and slim radiators to help with heat dispersion. A stainless steel exhaust system minimizes emissions. It’s kicking off with a $5,499 price tag and a six-month warranty.

Details are still unknown about the OEM’s new side-by-side, but more will be unveiled on October 7, 2019.

Check out the video below to see the teaser for the Kawasaki side-by-side:

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