MotoLease Delays Dealer Training Amid Busy Season

canstockphoto40074910MotoLease LLC has delayed its first two-day dealer training seminar to late April in an effort to accommodate dealers during what — for most — is a busy selling season, Managing Partner Emre Ucer told Powersports Finance.

The dealer training was originally scheduled for mid-February, Ucer said. “The problem is that February and March gets busy for the dealers during tax season,” he said, which is why the lender opted to postpone the training.

MotoLease announced in October that it plans to use a newly acquired 12,000-square-foot office for quarterly dealer training seminars. The subprime leasing provider will maintain its current 10,000-square-foot office space but house the seminars in the new building, Ucer said. Even dealers not partnered with MotoLease can attend, and MotoLease will cover their hotel accommodations and dinners.

The first training seminar is now tentatively scheduled for April 23 and 24, and MotoLease is in the process of creating materials for the seminar, Ucer said.

Separately, MotoLease has plans to further expand its website by the end of this quarter, Ucer said. While Ucer could not share specifics, MotoLease will add a new section to the site, tailored for new dealers or dealers who are interested in becoming an authorized dealer, he added.

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