MotoLease redesigns website for mobile

MotoLease redesigned its website to cater to borrowers using their smartphones to fill out applications, Managing Partner Emre Ucer told Powersports Finance.

“We did an extensive study on how consumers react to different messaging and how subprime-versus-prime borrowers have different focus points on how they received marketing messages,” Ucer said. “Based on that extensive studying, we totally revamped our online presence both on the desktop website and also the phone application, because we found out that a lot of consumers reach out via their smartphones instead of desktop.”

The lessor created the website with an in-house marketing team, user-interface designers and IT programmers. The in-house team allowed MotoLease to be more flexible with website changes and to respond faster than if the company had gone through a third-party, Ucer said.

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A mobile-friendly component was a vital feature of the redesign. MotoLease found that some consumers — typically the younger generation — preferred to use their smartphones to access their accounts, and the old design didn’t cater to that audience.

“The challenge is that on a desktop with a big screen, you are providing a lot of information,” Ucer explained. “So, the question is, how can you provide the same amount of information on a much smaller screen without making it hard for the consumer to understand? How can you simplify it and still provide the same amount of information on that small screen?”

In addition to the website, MotoLease has a mobile app borrowers use to manage monthly payments, see payment history and communicate with the lessor.

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