MotoLease Utilizes New Online Help Center to Track Complaints

MotoLease Help Center 2

MotoLease LLC wants to track consumer complaints more effectively — so it added an online Help Center to its website, as part of its continued effort to spur customer and dealer relations, Managing Partner Emre Ucer told Powersports Finance.

“If we are doing something that isn’t perfect, we want to have a better way of tracking those complaints to make sure we can fix those before they become larger issues,” Ucer said. Customers can type in questions and send requests, which provides MotoLease an opportunity to respond quicker, and also use it as an opportunity to train new staff when needed, he said.

The Help Center, which launched late last month, also features frequently asked questions and various articles geared towards both customers and dealers, including how to register for a lease, manage a lease, and how to register as a dealer with MotoLease.

Customers and dealers can also submit questions via the Help Center for MotoLease representatives to answer, a feature MotoLease hopes will help it track and resolve more complaints.

CaptureThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is likely to keep consumer complaints one of its focus points this year, said John Redding, partner at BuckleySandler LLP, which is why powersports lenders should resolve complaints “promptly” to avoid escalation to a regulator.

Focusing on consumer complaints is essential to avoiding regulatory scrutiny, Redding said. This includes consumer complaints made directly to the lender, as well as those that are made to the CFPB, he added.

“There’s no reason that even a smaller market participant couldn’t monitor complaints that are received, categorize those complaints, and look for trends, because trends will give you an idea of where you may have a potential issue,” Redding said.

Content will be added to the Help Center on a rolling basis, Ucer added. It is a “moving target,” and as MotoLease receives more questions from customers, the company will expand the knowledgebase.

“The main motivation behind the Help Center is a lot of customer [inquiries] that we receive — both prefunding and post-funding and servicing — are repeat questions,” Ucer said. “Everybody has similar concerns, questions, and challenges. So the goal was to create a knowledgebase that covers a majority of those common questions.”

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