New Vanderhall VP Aims to Double Dealer Base by Yearend

LAS VEGAS — Vanderhall Motorworks has hired industry veteran Jeff Whaley for a newly created position as vice president of sales and operations, who aims to double the OEM’s 43 dealerships by yearend, Whaley told Powersports Finance at AIMExpo.

“I want to get our district sales managers lined up, point them in the right direction, and see what it takes to make them successful,” Whaley said. “We’re going to expand our imprint in the U.S. big time. [I want to] double it within the next two to three months. I’m probably going to hire some more district sales managers, because the territories are going to get too big.”

Whaley has more than 30 years of experience in both automotive and powersports dealerships. He got his start in 1984 in a Pontiac dealership. Whaley brought his automotive expertise to powersports in 2001 when he opened a motorcycle dealership, which led the nation in Victory Motorcycle sales for a few years.

As vice president of sales and operations, Whaley is responsible for growing Vanderhall’s dealer base and, possibly, expanding sales internationally.

Though Whaley is focused on getting more of Vanderhall’s vehicles to the dealerships, he’s not rushing the growth, as doing too much too quickly can do more harm than good.

“When I’m looking at the United States, I’m aiming at my territories with a rifle and a scope — not a shotgun,” Whaley said. “We can all go out there and sign up 200 dealers overnight. But then what are we going to do two months, three months, four months from now, and we go ‘Oh, I might have made the wrong decision in that city or that state.’ So, I’m researching using our resources, looking at how long have they been in business, how well they do they do, what’s their customer satisfaction, and can they move a $30,000 product. If they meet our criteria for floorplanning and financing, we take it from there.”

Vanderhall is one of the newer OEMs on the scene, having been founded in 2010. The Provo, Utah-based company manufactures a trio of three-wheeled autocycles: the Venice, the Edison, and the Carmel. While technically classified as powersports, the vehicles are a mix of automobiles and motorcycles, which plays into Whaley’s experience from both industries.

Wells Fargo CDF provides Vanderhall’s floorplan financing.

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