NPA adds second live auction in Atlanta

National Powersport Auctions is adding a second live auction date to its monthly Atlanta schedule to better service dealers in the South,  the company has announced.

“I know we’re headed into winter, but things have definitely been heating up in Atlanta,” Chief Operating Officer Jim Woodruff said in a press release. “Along with an increase in inventory, we are also seeing increased demand from both our buyers and sellers wanting to turn their inventory quicker.”

The inaugural second Atlanta auction will be held Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 8 a.m. ET, with two lanes running. The live auction will offer the same inventory mix and dealer resources, such as online bidding and transportation assistance, as the existing Atlanta auction.

Going forward, the second Atlanta auction will take place on the second Wednesday after the existing Atlanta auction, which takes place on the third Friday every month.

“When it comes to preowned powersports, October, November and December are the ideal months to start stocking up for the spring selling season,” Woodruff said. “The spring market is the strongest time of the year, and our most seasoned dealers take advantage of the winter pricing.”

NPA has nine facilities across Atlanta; Cincinnati; Madison, Wis.; Philadelphia; Sacramento, Calif.; San Diego; and Dallas. NPA’s Dallas facility was the first location to add a second monthly live auction date in June.

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