NPA Dallas Adds Second Monthly Auction to Match Demand

National Powersport Auctions has cut down on auction time to meet dealer demand with live auctions every two weeks at its Dallas facility, the company has announced.

“We had the inventory, and we had the dealers,” Vice President of Marketing Ryan Keefe told PowerSports Finance, adding that besides the desire to reduce auction duration, supply and demand spurred the decision to add a second auction per month.

NPA began running the second auction on April 26. Splitting the live auction into two separate events cut four hours from the auction time, which typically lasted nine hours.

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“Dealer appetite is really strong,” Chief Creative Officer Jim Woodruff told PSF. “Pre-owned vehicle sales at dealers nationwide are doing well,” and dealers are “hungry for inventory.”

The auctions have seen the “same mix [of vehicles] as usual,” Woodruff added, though they’re seeing “lots” of Harley-Davidsons. All vehicle segments are doing well this time of year, but there’s some extra strength in metric cruisers, he added.

NPA doesn’t need to add more than one live auction per month at facilities in the near future since it plans to open other locations to meet demand, Woodruff said.

NPA’s other auction houses are located in Atlanta; Cincinnati; Madison, Wis.; Philadelphia; Sacramento, Calif.; San Diego.

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