NPA Sells ‘Vast Majority’ of Inventory at Sacramento Grand Opening

National Powersport Auctions held the grand opening of its Sacramento, Calif.-based facility last week, where it sold the “vast majority” of its 300-unit inventory, Chief Operating Officer Jim Woodruff told Powersports Finance.

The company cut the ribbon on its Sacramento facility on Wednesday and Thursday last week, in which food and drinks were served and dealers in attendance received a buy fee credit for up to$350. More than 220 dealerships attended both live and online through NPA Simulcast.

“That market so far has been running at a little bit higher bidder-to-inventory ratio than a more established [facility],” Woodruff added. “I think part of that’s just because there’s a lot of appetite amongst our dealers, and we’re still growing the inventory to fill that appetite.”

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The grand opening auction also included items from NPA’s Portland, Ore.-based satellite facility. While NPA doesn’t usually offer units from other locations in a grand opening, it was seen as a test for the Sacramento facility, which was designed in part to move Portland inventory.

“We offered a number of motorcycles from our Portland satellite facility in the auction,” Woodruff said. “We did it in a way where the dealers that participated could see [the bikes] online just like they were in the building. We set up displays for each of the vehicles so they could see what the vehicle was, know exactly what they were getting and bid on it. That went really well.”

The 38,000-square-foot Sacramento facility is the seventh of NPA’s auction facilities. It is strategically located to expand the company’s reach in California and give it access to the Pacific Northwest. “For the dealers that are in that region, it just got a lot easier, whether it’s getting inventory, liquidating inventory or shipping inventory from our other locations into that facility so they can come to pick it up,” Woodruff said.

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