Off-Road Segment Outperforms Seasonal Auction Price Trends

The March seasonal sales price for the off-road segment grew year over year and outperformed the five-year price trend, according to data National Powersport Auctions provided Powersports Finance.

NPA credits the growth in the off-road segment to “warmer weather and clearer skies” across the country, which “could help to explain the surging demand and rising [annual sales price] in the off-road segments,” Tony Altieri, business development manager at NPA, said in the report.

The off-road vehicle segment consists of ATV, side-by-side, and motocross (MX). ATV seasonal sales price in March grew 7 percentage points to 107.4% year over year. Additionally, it outperformed the aggregate five-year seasonality trends for ATVs, which was projected at 99.9% in March.

via NPA

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Side-by-side seasonal sales prices grew 5 percentage points to 107.7% compared with the same time last year and with its five-year trend.

via NPA

The seasonal sales price for the MX category was the largest increase year over year. The category grew 15 percentage points to 110.7% compared with the same time last year. MX sales price was 7 percentage points ahead of the five-year seasonality trend.

via NPA



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