On-road motorcycle auction prices hold steady in May

The on-road motorcycle categories followed May seasonal trends and “remained on target” with sales prices, Tony Altieri, business development manager of National Powersport Auctions, told Powersports Finance.

Domestic cruisers, metric cruisers and sport bikes make up the on-road motorcycle segment. Each category displayed less than a 1% change in annual auction sales price. The pricing shifts are within the seasonal pricing norms for this time of year, Altieri said.

The rest of the powersports segments “held steady as the market passed the Spring apex,” Altieri noted. Dual sport bikes recorded the largest swing in annual auction sales price, growing 9.9% year over year. The category has less volume than the other vehicle segments, so it typically sees bigger swings on a month to month basis.

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The motocross (MX) segment followed, growing 6.3% compared with May 2018 data.

Additionally, the off-road segment experienced growth in auction sales price. Side-by-side prices climbed 4.5%, while ATV prices increased 3.1% year over year.

via NPA

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