Peer-to-Peer Rental Platform Adds 700 Bikes Since Launch

Twisted Road, a peer-to-peer online motorcycle rental company, added 700 bikes from users in 46 states since launching October of last year. “Once you start riding you want to ride everywhere,” but not everyone can take two weeks to go on a cross-country trip, Austin Rothbard, founder and chief executive of Twisted Road, told Powersports Finance.

“You go someplace beautiful and you think, ‘Man, I wish I had my bike.’” Twisted Road was founded in order to help riders travel and sightsee without also having to transport their bike to the destination, which can be time-consuming.

Through the company’s website, owners can list their bikes for rental and set rates for riders. The program is also a way for bike owners to make money off of a vehicle that may otherwise be sitting in their garage unused.

“If you own a bike, and you get a rental or two a month maybe it pays your insurance bill, maybe it pays for some parts, tools, maintenance, or maybe it even pays off the bike,” Rothbard added. “Sometimes they are renting the same bike more than once. It’s like staying in the same hotel when you go back to a city you like.”

The rental company does not put a mile restriction on rentals, reasoning that motorcycles only travel 1,000 miles a year on average, so if someone takes the bike for 500 miles “it’s not going to make that much of a difference because most bikes don’t have a lot of miles on them.

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