Polaris revs up 2020 Slingshot with new transmission

Polaris has shed light on its all-new 2020 lineup of Slingshot vehicles, which feature a more accessible and easier to use transmission, the company announced last week.

The 2020 Slingshot comes in two models with slightly different features and pricing: the SL and the R.

The AutoDrive is Slingshot’s first-ever automatic style transmission. The AutoDrive has no clutch pedal or manual shifting, allowing drivers new to Slingshot to operate it the same as any other vehicle with a standard automatic transmission. The SL automatically comes with AutoDrive while the R has the option to include it.

“Our new AutoDrive transmission will open the door for more people to get in, stand out, and take their driving experience to a whole new level,” Mike Dougherty, president of Polaris Slingshot, said in a press release. “With roughly 70% all-new content, we left no stone unturned both inside and out. The all-new ProStar 2.0L engine delivers more power and more fun, while the completely redesigned cockpit and interior elevates the shared experience for both the driver and their passenger.”

In addition to the AutoDrive, the 2020 Slingshot models carry Polaris’s first four-cylinder engine, the ProStar 2.0L, designed to deliver a range of performance capabilities and enhance the on-road experience. The SL packs 178 horsepower at 8500 RPM, while the new R model puts out 203 horsepower at 8250 RPM — an increase of 30 horsepower when compared with the previous powertrain.

Standard with the Slingshot R and an optional upgrade for the SL, the Ride Command infotainment system has a redesigned display featuring a new processor to provide a faster, more responsive interaction. The 7-inch display receives an improved viewing angle and brighter screen, allowing drivers to view and interact with the system in broad daylight. Through the Ride Command mobile app, drivers can remotely access key vehicle data and plan ride routes ahead of time.

Other features include a new interior design, a premium leather-wrapped steering wheel and added storage compartments.

The SL with AutoDrive starts at $26,499. Pricing for the R model begins at $30,999 for a manual transmission and $32,699 for AutoDrive. The 2020 Slingshot lineup will ship to U.S. dealers this spring.

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